What they're saying about Bill

"Bill's work is top notch. His passion and knowledge shine through on TV and radio.  I actually commented on his radio show what so many believe — Bill is 'one of the most respected guys in our league.'”  

Tim Capstraw, Brooklyn Nets Radio Analyst

"Bill is an outstanding basketball man who has extensive experience in our broadcast industry. I have tremendous respect for his ability to convey the in's and out's of our sport in a professional, enthusiastic and educated way. He brings great substance to the table from his Hoops background along with the charisma/style that will be a great addition to your telecasts." 

Jack Armstrong, Toronto Raptors TV & Radio Analyst 

"There are people in this industry who are truly dedicated to their craft, are involved in the daily evolution of it, have the respect of their peers, and hold themselves to a higher standard both professionally and morally. Bill is one of those people. Any day spent on the air with Bill, or sitting next to him watching a basketball game, or just spent chatting about friends and family with him, is one where a bit of knowledge will be shared, a lot of laughter will be heard, and a damn good time will be had."

Amy Lewis, Former KFBK Morning News Co-Anchor

"Working with Bill Herenda is sheer joy. As a news anchor on KFBK, I first interviewed Bill when he was with the Positive Coaching Alliance and he was incredibly articulate. I was so impressed with his demeanor and outlook. It was no small surprise that he was hired on as a sports reporter at KFBK. Bill is a consummate professional and expertly crafts together essential information with levity. Extremely affable and intelligent, he’s the epitome of what makes someone a sought-after radio personality. And the bonus? He’s also a wonderful human being. Bill Herenda is the total package!"

Kitty O’Neal, KFBK Afternoon News Anchor

“I’ve been in broadcasting for over 45 years, and Bill is the best I have ever seen at improving radio newsroom chemistry. He is the most cohesive, selfless, optimistic staff member I have ever had the pleasure to work with. In this ego-centric business, he is a breath of fresh air. That's Bill in a nutshell: the most positive, friendly, happy, hard-working broadcaster you could have on your staff."

Fred Hoffman, Host of "KFBK Garden Show"